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Tax Income Reports

Terms & Conditions

Businesses we will display in this section must meet the following criteria: 

  • Executive Summary: 250 words

  • Business Objectives, Capacity & Scope: 250 words

  • Achievement(s): 2 Milestones pass by the business.

  • Country: Zimbabwe, Ghana, Rwanda (Multi-national) etc…

  • Establishment date: Formal registration

  • Industry: Construction, Manufacturing, Media etc…

  • Company Logo: Dimensions 800 h X 800 w, jpg or png (with background colour).

  • Pictures of Activities: 12 pictures

  • Product or Service: Description

  • Company contract information: Email, Website, Phone number etc…

  • Digital Presence: 2 Platforms (Social Media)

  • Minimum Revenue: $12,000 per year

  • Minimum Customers: 100 per year

  • After a period of 3 months/90 days() well performing businesses will get access to SME Business Services for $11.99 per month Optional (SME Strategic Consultants).

  • Note: Any business submitted can not be involved in any criminal activity or industries and products associated with criminal activity or immoral services.

The 200 businesses selected from this section will be required to pay a once-off year end fee of $249.99 (admin, production, printing and circulation costs) & $11.99 per month Optional for SME Business Services (SME Strategic Consultants), a detailed video & print 'Business Profile' coupled with our 'Industries Research Report' will be distributed to our Media Circulation Network which operates across Africa and directly reaching 282, 000 individuals & private businesses as of August 2023.

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