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At Axeesys we are a media & news company, we write our articles with the assistance of various sources i.e. an original published articles. We focus on articles from Africa, Asia, Middle East and South America, we look to examine old stories and new events that revolve around business & finance.


Axeesys as an organisation we do not claim ownership or original creation of the intellectual property of any writer, journalist or company. The Axeesys research process requires employees to research exciting finance and business from selected regions. We may reference, quote or para-phrase certain sections of specific writing.

We make an effort to credit photographers for their images and writers/companies for their article, however we may fail to accurately credit all original creator(s) for their work, this does not imply to have assumed any ownership. 

Please contact the Axeesys organisation if you feel that content displayed on our website is not credited correctly. 

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